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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeatymeat‧y /ˈmiːti/ adjective  1 DFcontaining a lot of meat, or tasting strongly of meat a delicious meaty gravy2 informalFAT big and fat, with a lot of flesh meaty forearms3 informalINTERESTING containing a lot of interesting ideas or information a meaty article The lecture wasn’t very meaty.4 meaty role
Examples from the Corpus
meatyThe pollack was equally good-crisp and crunchy on the outside, meaty and moist within.big, meaty barbecued ribsa meaty bean stewWhen stocking a pool with fish, take care to select healthy individuals with firm, meaty bodies and erect dorsal fins.The forequarter contains the rib section for tender roasts and the chuck, which is meaty but yields less tender cuts.Live food is the best diet for them although fresh or frozen meaty foods of small particle size can be substituted.He had always provided the tabloids with meaty headlines because of his numerous girlfriends.Earthy porcini mushrooms, tender and meaty, make the perfect accompaniment.Incredibly, the whole meaty makeover was inspired by a course nodule that looked at public reactions to outrageous art.a meaty red wine"Joan of Arc" was her first meaty role as an actress.ripe, meaty tomatoes