Topic: FOOD

Date: 1800-1900
Language: French
Origin: menu 'small, full of details', from Latin minutus; MINUTE2


men‧u S3 [countable]
1DF a list of all the kinds of food that are available for a meal, especially in a restaurant:
Could we have the menu, please?
on the menu
Is there any fish on the menu?
a three course set menu (=dishes which you do not choose for yourself)
2TDTD a list of things on a computer screen which you can ask the computer to do:
Select PRINT from the main menu.
pull-down/drop-down menu (=a list of choices which appears when you click on a place on the screen)
menu-driven (=operated by using a menu)
WORD FOCUS: restaurant WORD FOCUS: restaurant
the person who serves you in a restaurant: waiter, waitress, server American English, waitperson American English

the person who cooks your food: chef

the person who welcomes the guests: maitre d', host/hostess American English

a list of the food: menu also bill of fare formal

a list of wines and alcoholic drinks: wine list also drink list American English

a piece of paper that shows the amount you have to pay for your meal: bill British English/check American English

extra money you leave for the waiter or waitress: tip/gratuity formal

money that the restaurant charges for service: service charge, cover charge, corkage

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