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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmolassesmo‧las‧ses /məˈlæsɪz/ noun [uncountable] American English  DFa thick dark sweet liquid that is obtained from raw sugar plants when they are being made into sugar syn treacle British English
Examples from the Corpus
molassesSimilar research projects are developing plastics from materials such as corn, molasses, potato peelings and castor oil.It was thick and almost crudely black, with a shine on it like molasses.His aunt sent him a box of molasses cookies, and I sent him two corned beefs on rye.The beer is obtained by the fermentation of molasses and banana juice.Stir browned onions, molasses, mustard, tomato paste, cloves and cinnamon into beans.Honey or molasses may be served with it but most will find it is best with butter or margarine.The orange molasses glaze is flecked with mustard seeds to give it texture and flavor.The molasses triggered bacterial growths which consumed all the oxygen, killing virtually all the fish and other water creatures.