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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmorselmor‧sel /ˈmɔːsəl $ ˈmɔːr-/ noun [countable]  DFPIECEa very small amount of something, especially a small piece of food syn scrapmorsel of a morsel of bread a morsel of scandal birds searching for tasty morsels
Examples from the Corpus
morselTwo gulls were fighting over a morsel of food.I said, trying to slip a morsel of fish between her teeth.The clams were mostly oil-drenched bread crumbs with a morsel of chopped clam buried at the bottom of the shell.milk chocolate morselsShe had cleared her plate of every morsel.It seems like too much work-all those bones for a few morsels of meat.Only a few of Wolsey's men lingered, licking their chops, expecting to be tossed this last juicy morsel.I asked Jon if the plants proved to be a tasty morsel for the Forest's ponies.A long plastic tube containing a tasty morsel of food in the middle was placed in their cage.Estate agents think it will be a very tasty morsel for an international company.We dubbed this plating the Tabula Rasa: Enjoy your morsel, meditate on the white space.morsel ofa morsel of breadMy editors were hungry for every morsel of Hollywood gossip.