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nibblenibble2 noun  1 DFEAT[countable] a small bite of somethingnibble of She took a nibble of her cookie.2 nibbles3 INTERESTED[singular] a small amount of interest in something We’ve had the house on the market for a month and not even had a nibble yet.
Examples from the Corpus
nibbleIt's so weak, so dismissive, like the girl's body was a cupcake and you took a nibble.One of the kids tried a nibble of the bread.A few licks and attempted nibbles quickly disillusioned him.We've had a few nibbles from potential buyers.Sip a Beefeater martini, nibble salted nuts, pray for himself, pray for the world.They add bulk to your diet and make healthy between-meal nibbles.But there were no nibbles from Alvin, so Williams joined the Graham company in 1963.They would sip sherry or port, nibble at the nuts and raisins and allow themselves to wallow in the warm softness.Giant amphipods, the size of rats, appear out of nowhere to nibble on the remains.