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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnourishnour‧ish /ˈnʌrɪʃ $ ˈnɜːrɪʃ, ˈnʌ-/ verb [transitive]  1 DFFOODto give a person or other living thing the food and other substances they need in order to live, grow, and stay healthy The cream contains vitamin A to nourish the skin. a well-nourished baby2 formalDEVELOP to keep a feeling, idea, or belief strong or help it to grow stronger We need to nourish our hopes and dreams.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
nourishThus the neurons are not properly nourished.Plant detritus if available is sufficient, but if necessary it can also be nourished by liquid fertiliser.The roses bloom into November, nourished by lots of rain.The Bill of Rights nourishes our freedom.He nourished the same attitude in others.A poorly nourished woman becomes small and thin.well-nourishedAll subjects were well nourished according to previously described criteria.Mrs Fellows is well nourished and well hydrated before she has surgery.Our results show that relatively well nourished patients respond equally well to elemental diet as those with a poor nutritional state.The child we have is well nourished and cared for.The need for better food Patients recover quickly if they are well nourished.