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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnuttynut‧ty /ˈnʌti/ adjective  1 informalCRAZY crazy It’s another of his nutty ideas. She’s nutty as a fruitcake (=completely crazy).2 CTDFtasting like, or containing, nuts This coffee has a rich nutty flavour. a nutty cake
Examples from the Corpus
nuttyI tasted one; it was no longer sweet, just nutty.Specials aren't supposed to be nutty.Even after the long night he smelled nutty and clean.We're all as nutty as each other, all survivors.Grandma can act kind of nutty at times.We all got slightly nutty at times.Celeriac: tastes like a sweet and nutty celery, it's rich in calcium and delicious grated raw in salads.Critics worry that compassionate conservatism involves subcontracting social welfare to nutty evangelicals.In Brown Butter Almond Cake you can really taste the nutty flavor of brown butter.Wednesday was one nutty night for Boston sports teams.Grape leaves add a nutty taste to the rice.