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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoxtailox‧tail /ˈɒksteɪl $ ˈɑːks-/ noun [uncountable]  DFthe meat from the tails of cattle, used especially in soup
Examples from the Corpus
oxtailAdd oxtails, lower heat and cook gently 1 hour, covered.As budgets contract, appetites are expanding for old favourites such as oxtail soup and casseroles.Broth and water should cover oxtails and peanuts.Drain oxtails and peanuts, reserving cooking liquid.Parenti even suggests substituting beef shanks for oxtails; which are bony, like oxtails, but meatier.If I could have summat to eat, I'd have a big bowl of oxtail soup - all hot and steamy.I wondered how they would take to steak and kidney pudding, oxtail soup, and plum duff.All the same he had been rather cagey about Ianthe Broome, not saying who it was that had brought the oxtail.