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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpostprandialpost‧pran‧di‧al /ˌpəʊstˈprændiəl◂ $ ˌpoʊst-/ adjective [only before noun] especially British English formal  DLDFhappening immediately after a meal – often used humorously a postprandial nap
Examples from the Corpus
postprandialDiabetics and those with postprandial blood glucose levels between 5.4-11.A nonlinear relationship was observed between coronary heart and stroke mortality with the two hour postprandial blood glucose.Our study also showed that postprandial gall bladder contraction was suppressed for at least four hours after octreotide injection.Like others, we saw postprandial gall bladder filling rather than contraction at 45 minutes and four hours after injection.Patients with colorectal cancer are reported to have postprandial hypergastrinaemia which returns to normal after tumour resection.Ranitidine diminished the postprandial reflux found after breakfast and lunch but had no effect on postprandial reflux after dinner.Most of us were already high on postprandial wine and grass when this began, and we did as told.