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preservepreserve2 noun  1 [countable usually plural]DF a substance made from boiling fruit or vegetables with sugar, salt, or vinegar homemade fruit preserves2 [singular]SUITABLE an activity that is only suitable or allowed for a particular group of people Banking used to be a male preserve.preserve of The civil service became the preserve of the educated middle class.3 [countable]DS an area of land or water that is kept for private hunting or fishing
Examples from the Corpus
preserveMany gentiles agreed that the Latter-Day Saints had good reason to be concerned about holding on to their Kingdom as a preserve.This is the exclusive preserve of the cave explorer who cares less for personal discomfort.Because work is still considered a male role, leisure, similarly, is thought to be a male preserve.a profession that was for years an all-white, all-male preserveEvery head would turn if a woman walked into one of those male preserves.Combine the preserves and water in a small saucepan and heat until preserves melt.Where affection is the preserve of family and friends, status is more the preserve of the wider peer group or community.Most visitors to the preserve now park their cars outside the main gate and either hike, bike or ride horses in.the nation's first wilderness preservepreserve ofSending satellites into space was once the preserve of governments.