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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrancidran‧cid /ˈrænsɪd/ adjective  DFoily or fatty food that is rancid smells or tastes unpleasant because it is no longer fresh rancid butter
Examples from the Corpus
rancidThe oats looked firm and fresh, but were rancid.His mouth felt like something rancid had curled up inside and he silently cursed the demon booze.Woke up with a rancid headache.The canals have more potential than ponds that often get rancid in the heat of summer.If he had kept his mouth shut I would still be eating rancid meat and plotting my own way out of Paris.I was frequently sick through being forced to drink rancid milk that had been left standing in the playground for hours.Swanson knows his conspiracy theories, and his portrait of Dallas, mainly rancid, saves you the trip.It was malodorous, peculiarly rancid, sulphurous.