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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepastre‧past /rɪˈpɑːst $ rɪˈpæst/ noun [countable]  formalDF a meal
Examples from the Corpus
repastThey subsisted, from all appearances, on roots and insects; a live gecko made a fine repast.In their newly decorated dining room, alive with rich, warm reds, the grand repast consisted of three meager chops.Professor Slocombe picked delicately at his morning repast and listened to it all with the greatest interest.That simple repast was fit for a king.After a sumptuous repast he asked the Mayor whether the gallows was prepared.We all agreed it was the best Venison we ever tasted, and none failed to do ample justice to the repast.The repast being ended, all advanced to the farm called Mill Beck.Cabbage has earned a secure place in the winter repast for its unpretentious, wholesome goodness and its versatility.