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rollroll2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 paper/film/money etcCF a piece of paper, camera film, money etc that has been rolled into the shape of a tuberoll of I used up three rolls of film on holiday. There’s a new roll of silver foil in there. wallpaper costing £3 a roll kitchen roll, toilet roll2 breadDF a small round loaf of bread for one personbun hot soup served with crusty rolls bread rolls with butterham/cheese etc roll British English (=one that is filled with ham, cheese etc)3 list of namesLIST an official list of names syn registeron the roll British English a school with 300 pupils on the rollcall/take the roll (=say the list of names to check who is there) The teacher called the roll. Three senators missed the roll call.the electoral roll British English, the (voter) rolls American English (=a list of the people who are allowed to vote)welfare rolls American English (=a list of people without jobs who claim money from the state) Thompson said he had cut welfare rolls by 39%. roll of honour, honor roll4 be on a roll5 gameDG the action of throwing dice as part of a game If you get a 7 or 11 on your first roll, you win.6 skin/fatFAT a thick layer of skin or fat, usually just below your waistroll of the rolls of fat on her stomach7 physical movement a) DSTURN British English a movement in which you roll forward or back in a controlled way with your body curled so that your head is near your feet, often done as part of a sport syn somersault a forward roll gymnasts doing rolls and handsprings b) TURN especially British English the action of turning your body over one or more times while lying down a young horse having a roll in the field8 drums/guns/thunderSOUND a long low fairly loud sound made by drums etc There was a roll of thunder, and the rain started pelting down. a drum roll 9 ship/planeTTWTTA the movement of a ship or plane when it leans from side to side with the movement of the water or air10 a roll in the hay rock 'n' roll, sausage roll, spring roll, Swiss roll
Examples from the Corpus
rollThe school now has a roll of over 2,000 children.Hymns and more hymns, and how Bonnie Jean and I would look at one another and roll our eyes in complicity.You have another roll, don't you?When was the last time anybody saw hand towels or soap or a bog roll?a cinnamon rollDid I mention, I discovered a dozen rolls of the original wallpaper in a tin trunk in the attic?Filled rolls with tea, coffee and soft drinks will be dispensed.Hot, fresh rolls were served throughout the meal.There are three basic ways in which a property owner can remove a building from the project-based Section 8 housing rolls.I tore the endpaper off a new roll of Tums.The frequency and extent of the roll varies from day to day and from one set of conditions to another.Our nod went to the mushroom version, a perfect complement to the rolls.The roll is called to see which members are present.His name was not on the voters' roll.roll ofSome rolls of wallpaper were stacked in the corner.I sent two rolls of film in yesterday to be developed.ham/cheese etc rollSarah carried her cup of coffee and cheese roll back to her chosen table and settled to work.She bit into her cheese roll.And double trouble from a Double Gloucester.The cheese roll that caused chaos.welfare rollsHundreds of thousands end up on welfare rolls.But the new statistics showed that welfare rolls dropped by 2. 76 million people in the past four years.They would begin with ready and contemptuous agreement that they are not on the welfare rolls.This explains why even our most effective efforts to move people into jobs seem never to shrink the welfare rolls.When her father started abusing her again, she was forced to leave and return to the welfare rolls.They spend ever more on job training for welfare recipients, yet welfare rolls continue to grow.having a rollSo, having rolled away the rock, he hit George Foreman on the head with it.drum rollNext came a drum roll, followed by a wave and a thumbs-up sign from the newly-weds.Nothing obscures the outlines of an orchestral passage more than a drum roll on an unrelated note.Starting lineup for the two-time defending world champion Houston Rockets recently has been, drum roll, please...And then, with a final drum roll, it was all over.The pre-recorded drum roll sounds and the sequined curtain flies up.One boy, a child, begins a steady drum roll.Mickey Dolenz, part of the 1960s band the Monkees, will lead the drum roll.