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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscampiscam‧pi /ˈskæmpi/ noun [plural, uncountable] British English  DFlarge prawns (=sea creatures) that are covered in breadcrumbs and cooked in hot oil
Examples from the Corpus
scampiSpecialities of the house include steaks and scampi.There is also a good wine list and local delicacies such as crab, scampi and sole are often on the menu.Keep away from the deep-fried scampi and mixed seafood and the numberless fish in wine and butter sauces.Fish roe, taramasalata, fried scampi.Chicken or scampi in a basket, with a garnish of tomato and lettuce, are acceptable runners-up.No doubt out for the evening talking insurance at some scampi supper.Fry the scampi briefly in a scrap of butter with a little chopped onion.