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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsemolinasem‧o‧li‧na /ˌseməˈliːnə/ noun [uncountable]  1 DFsmall grains of crushed wheat, used especially in making sweet dishes and pasta2 DFF British English a sweet dish made with these grains and milk
Examples from the Corpus
semolinaMaybe they genuinely like their kind of aural semolina.Add the flour, semolina and currants and stir into the batter with a wooden spoon.At seven-thirty an officer brought in a tray with a bowl of semolina mixed with stewed dry fruit.Cook's notes Cous cous is flour coated grains of semolina, and makes an interesting change from rice or pasta.We nearly always had milk pudding, rice pudding, semolina or some other stodge.Children still sing skipping songs about soggy semolina though I can't remember semolina being served for over twenty years.