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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnack barˈsnack bar noun [countable]  DFDLa place where you can buy snacks or small meals
Examples from the Corpus
snack barEach location has a counter service restaurant at lunch time, along with a coffee and snack bar open all day.Another snack bar serves the fifth floor fitness facility.Poolside bar; club bar; snack bar.It is proposed to extend the car parking facilities with improved amenities and probably a café replacing the old caravan snack bar.Admission is $ 3. 75, skates are $ 1. 75, and a full snack bar is available.Her snack bar was roughly equivalent to a trust fund.The hotel has two main restaurants, pizzeria, pool snack bar.If you want to run out to the snack bar, go ahead, whatever just happened will happen again.