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soursour2 verb [intransitive, transitive]  1 SPOILif a relationship or someone’s attitude sours, or if something sours it, it becomes unfriendly or unfavourable An unhappy childhood has soured her view of life.see thesaurus at spoil2 DFDECAYif milk sours, or if something sours it, it begins to have an unpleasant sharp taste→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
sourSince each of these parties leant on the other for reassurance, relations between them will be soured as a result.That was still before people went to chokey for dodgy dealings, but he soured his own patch.Ill-treated hobgoblins can cause strife and discord, though, souring milk, tangling clothes and muddying floors for spite.Many investors have soured on closedend funds because they were burned buying closed-end IPOs.Worth noting about McMahon, though, is that some teams reportedly soured on his attitude at the Senior Bowl.The incident soured relations between the two countries.The global trend towards higher taxation on fuel consumption is souring relations with leading oil-producing states.The incident was serious enough to sour the atmosphere for weeks.The affair did not seem to have soured their friendship.The familiar dark soured then stung with chlorine.