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spreadspread2 ●●○ noun  1 increase [singular]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT when something affects or is known about by more people or involves a larger areaincreasespread of an attempt to stop the spread of nuclear weapons the rapid spread of cholera in Latin America2 soft food [countable, uncountable]DF a) a soft substance made from vegetable oil that is used like butter one slice of toast with a low-fat spread b) a soft food which you spread on breadcheese/chocolate etc spread3 range [singular]VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS a range of people or thingswide/broad/good spread of something We have a good spread of ages in the department. a broad spread of investments4 area [singular] the total area in which something exists the geographical spread of the company’s hotels5 double-page spread/centre spread6 large meal [singular] informalMEAL a large meal for several guests on a special occasion Tom’s mum laid on a huge spread. 7 hand/wings [uncountable]HBPHBH the area covered when the fingers of a hand, or a bird’s wings, are fully stretched8 bed cover [countable] a bedspread9 money [countable] technicalBFS the difference between the prices at which something is bought and sold, or the interest rates for lending and borrowing moneyspread between the spread between the city banks’ loan rates and deposit rates10 sport [singular] American English the number of points between the scores of two opposing teams a four-point spread11 spread of land/water12 farm [countable] American EnglishTA a large farm or ranch middle-aged spread at middle-aged(3)
Examples from the Corpus
spreadThis led us to ask if there was intrafamilial spread of H pylori.We always pause just where we can see the majestic spread of Notre Dame.There was a nice spread at the reception after the wedding.More ominously, the effort to halt the nuclear spread could also stall.There's a big three-page spread about them in Sunday's paper.But the spread of Internet use outside the United States is converting a national mess into a global one.The process of proletarianisation has also received some impetus from the spread of agribusiness in the region.The only way to prevent the spread of tuberculosis is to cure those infected by the disease.The Thatcher government has opposed planning controls over agriculture that could have stopped the spread of intensive arable farming.They were looking forward to the spread that Judith had prepared.This spread is about 0. 05 percentage point tighter than a month ago, traders said.rapid spreadThe result has been a rapid spread of unsightly buildings across the countryside.All three factors are thought to have played a part in the rapid spread of the disease.The rapid spread of small arms and light weapons facilitate the recruitment of child soldiers.cheese/chocolate etc spreadBlend with cream cheese and grated Cheddar to create a cheese spread.Soon, the fame of Dunlop cheese spread throughout the county and the process was adopted widely.Rub in the butter with the hands, then add the low-fat cheese spread and work in with the hands.wide/broad/good spread of somethingThe information in your letter is generally interesting, factual and covers a wide spread of abuses.Very few papers indeed, therefore, had a wide spread of shareholders.It incorporates a wide spread of disciplines and its members have been, or are, involved in a variety of professions.To achieve that, they need a wide spread of artists.This journal has a long and distinguished history, publishing mainly shorter papers on a wide spread of subjects.The assets are actively managed and represent a wide spread of fixed interest stocks, U.K. and overseas equity shares and property.Today's student teachers and young graduates undoubtedly represent a broader spread of social background - and this is to be welcomed.geographical spreadWe also looked for a geographical spread of writers.The appeal of a merger included widening Martineau's client base, a greater geographical spread and having more resources.The geographical spread is reasonable, though doubtless there will be some omissions apparent depending on where you are based.The geographical spread of the observers is skewed.