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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquidsquid /skwɪd/ noun (plural squid or squids) [countable]  squid.jpg HBADFa sea creature with a long soft body and ten arms around its mouth
Examples from the Corpus
squidThe shrimp and squid in particular make for interesting textural contrasts.Apart from bait caught on the water, mostly frozen squid and sardines are used.The toothed whales have a set of teeth which they use to grasp large and quick-moving prey, mainly squid or fish.It preys on squid and smaller fish which occur in surface waters.The fresh-tasting squids are actually at their best plain and unadorned but for a splash of lemon juice.And the squid is very, very hungry.The computer has been taught fishing tricks: it jiggles the line to make the squid think the bait is alive.