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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsultanasul‧ta‧na /sʌlˈtɑːnə $ -ˈtænə/ noun [countable]  1 DF British English a small pale raisin (=dried fruit) without seeds, used in baking syn golden raisin American English2 PGOthe wife, mother, or daughter of a sultan
Examples from the Corpus
sultanaMeanwhile, marinate the almonds, sultanas and peel in the rum for 30 minutes.Place in a bowl with walnuts and sultanas.Crisp filo pastry slices are filled with bramley apple, sultanas, and black cherry with kirsch and must be served warm.Curry Bakes - curry sauce with minced beef, sultanas, coconut and diced bananas.Arabian Night - mix together chilli con carne, mango chutney, sultanas and chopped walnuts. 2.In tins: tomatoes, tuna, apricots, mixed beans, plus sultanas, and a selection of rice and pasta.Superb apple pie with sultanas and cloves, interspersed with crusty bread sandwiches of every description.