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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsweetmeatsweet‧meat /ˈswiːtmiːt/ noun [countable]  British English old-fashionedDF a sweet, or any food made of or preserved in sugar
Examples from the Corpus
sweetmeatBenjamin hid it under his cloak and hurried back to his own chamber like a schoolboy who has stolen a sweetmeat.He approached such matters slowly, obliquely, over wine and sweetmeats.Servants circulated with wines and sweetmeats.She garnished her built-up Trifle with strips of bright currant jelly, crystallised sweetmeats or flowers.These electric sweetmeats are lurid bouquets in a garden of watts.Maya counts four kinds of sweetmeats in Corning casseroles on an end table.Wolsey finished the plate of sweetmeats and told us to sit.Mrs White really enjoys going with it and serving quarters of sweetmeats in paper pokes.