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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsyrupysyr‧up‧y /ˈsɪrəpi $ ˈsɜː-, ˈsɪ-/ adjective  1 DFthick and sticky like syrup, or containing syrup a syrupy liquid2 NICEtoo nice or kind in a way that seems insincere – used to show disapproval a syrupy speech
Examples from the Corpus
syrupyShe could even hear background music, syrupy and soothing, in her head.It was syrupy but it worked, though Davis feared that releasing the song as a single would kill his career.syrupy canned fruitsThe sauce should have a syrupy consistency.Now I was about to meet him again, it was as if I had suddenly woken up from a syrupy dream.One bite of coffee cake that tasted like a syrupy old sponge and they knew better the next time.As for sugary desserts, avoid syrupy puddings, mousses, gateaux and most pastries.a syrupy speech about world peaceThis Suffolk version is more subtle: a creamy lemon custard with syrupy undertones.