Topic: FOOD

Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: taster 'to touch, test, taste', from Vulgar Latin taxitare, from Latin taxare; TAX2


2 verb
1 [linking verb]DFCT to have a particular kind of taste
taste good/delicious/sweet/fresh etc
Mmm! This tastes good!
The food tasted better than it looked.
taste awful/disgusting etc
The liver tasted awful and the potatoes had not been cooked for long enough.
taste of
This yoghurt tastes of strawberries.
It didn't taste much of ginger.
taste like
It tastes just like champagne to me.
What does pumpkin taste like (=how would you describe its taste)?
sweet-tasting/strong-tasting etc
a sweet-tasting soup
a bitter-tasting liquid
2 [transitive not in progressive]DF to experience or recognize the taste of food or drink:
She could taste blood.
Can you taste the difference?
It was like nothing I'd ever tasted before.
3 [transitive]DF to eat or drink a small amount of something to see what it is like:
It's always best to keep tasting the food while you're cooking it.

taste success/freedom/victory etc

to have a short experience of something that you want more of:
There was a lot of hard work before we first tasted success.

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