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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtastingtast‧ing /ˈteɪstɪŋ/ noun [countable]  DFan event that is organized so that you can try different foods or drinks to see if you like them a wine and cheese tasting
Examples from the Corpus
tastingThe Sainsbury's Wine Taste Challenge prize will be awarded to the one who gives best answers at the final tasting.There will be grand tastings, seminars and culinary demonstrations for the novice to the connoisseur.This prediction is based on a series of tastings of the current releases of cabernet and merlot.She began her meal with a few hors-d'oeuvres, with the caviare one tasting particularly good.The final round tasting stimulated vigorous discussion and argument.She and her husband, Tom Goddard, a pastry chef, host afternoon teas and tea tastings at their shop.A seven-course dinner and wine tasting are part of the programme.The fun includes wine tasting, vintage car display, bouncy castles, pony rides, music and sumo wrestling.