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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtintin1 /tɪn/ ●●○ noun  1 [uncountable]HCM a soft silver-white metal that is often used to cover and protect iron and steel. It is a chemical element: symbol Sn an old tin bath2 tin_box.jpg [countable] British English (also tin can)DF a small metal container in which food or drink is sold syn can American English a sardine tintin of a tin of baked beans3 [countable]DF a metal container with a lid in which food can be stored a biscuit tin4 [countable] British EnglishDFU a metal container in which food is cooked syn pan American English a 7-inch cake tin a roasting tin5 [countable] British English a metal container with a lid, in which paint, glue etc is soldtin of a tin of brown paint
Examples from the Corpus
tinAll I wanted was a tin of paint.a tin of Christmas cookiesThe alluvial tin, from the Malayan river gravels, is almost exhausted.a muffin tinI am a Woodman, and made of tin.Less than half an hour later she cleaned the brush in white spirit and pressed the lid of the tin noiselessly down.A machine separates the tin from paper and plastic in the trash.They carry with them covered dishes, salad bowls, and platters covered with tin foil.