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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtreacletrea‧cle /ˈtriːkəl/ noun [uncountable]  1 DF British English a thick sweet black sticky liquid that is obtained from raw sugar and used in cooking syn molasses American English2 a way of expressing love and emotions that seems silly or insincere a film that does not turn into treacle3 DFgolden syrup a treacle tarttreacly adjective
Examples from the Corpus
treacleThey were buying Eccles cakes and treacle tart and currant buns and iced tarts with bright-red cherries on top.As he took it off he remembered the sausage and treacle tart in his pocket.The output is an evil treacle, black and vile.They pour into the backstage car park like expensive treacle and come to a halt at the crack of a whip.But it's like digging in treacle - you get nowhere.It is a socially conscious film that does not turn into treacle.This has been a duff year for him: the runs have flowed like treacle, and Dame Fortune has turned sour.It was like wading through treacle just to order a meal.Her hair and spectacles were plastered in white treacle.