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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvealveal /viːl/ noun [uncountable]  DFthe meat of a calf (=a young cow)
Examples from the Corpus
vealAdd just enough veal slices so that they do not touch one another and brown on the veal side.Add a few veal shanks at a time and coat well with flour, shaking off any excess. 2.Little veal and calf are graded for retail trade.Accompaniments: grilled fish, chicken, lamb or veal with a cucumber and chive salad.The wine is excellent with calf's liver or plain roast veal.Menus tend to be Germanic with large helpings of soup, veal or sausage and Rösti potatoes.The veal in the clingfilm had now thawed out so he consigned it to the wastebasket.The veal was lusciously succulent and deftly soaked up the extraordinary flavors of the mushroom reduction and barely tart cherries.