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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvegetarianismveg‧e‧tar‧i‧an‧is‧m /ˌvedʒəˈteəriənɪzəm $ -ˈter-/ noun [uncountable]  DFRPthe practice of not eating meat or fish
Examples from the Corpus
vegetarianismWe were all eating roast venison and at the same time discussing vegetarianism.In fact, vegetarianism is growing by leaps and bounds, particularly among the health-conscious.It made no pretence of catering to faddish tastes like vegetarianism or high fibre diets.The Rabari are not so much hypocritical in their attitudes to breaking the Hindu code of vegetarianism as low-key.They objected to materials that expose children to feminism, witchcraft, pacifism, vegetarianism, and situational ethics.Many a student has found the route to vegetarianism via depleted funds.Retail sales of the quintessential red meats are plummeting, whilst vegetarianism has become a fashionable norm.