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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-fedˌwell-ˈfed adjective  DFhaving plenty of good food to eat The animals all look happy and well-fed.
Examples from the Corpus
well-fedThe three-year-olds I observed were bright, lively, confident, well-fed and happy.As we move into a well-fed and highly productive era, new diseases transmitted through our food are regularly emerging.The turkey and black vultures at the park are well-fed and then scared into bringing up their food to supply the chicks.Ranulf the rat-catcher was waiting for him just outside the door, a sleek, well-fed Bonaventure in his hands.well-fed cattleOr that Canchola likewise regularly loaded his well-fed frame on many a civic-sponsored plane seat.And no sympathy at all for the well-fed hordes who stand in what should be his way.With his unruly beard and comfortable paunch he looked like a well-fed prophet.Well, the seven journalists went round the classrooms, looking at the well-scrubbed, well-fed, well-clothed children.