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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhite flourˌwhite ˈflour noun [uncountable]  DFwheat flour from which the bran (=outer layer) and wheatgerm (=inside seed) have been removed
Examples from the Corpus
white flourRecently it started selling beer, wine, coffee and white flour.Cut down on refined white sugar, and white flour, and eat more wholemeal, granary and brown products.The refined carbohydrates - white flour, rice and pasta - should be replaced by wholemeal versions.It is largely because the bran is stripped from white flour that our Western diet has become low in natural fibre content.In her white granny nightie and her white flour make-up Noreen could have easily disappeared in that room.Gerald was asked to try a diet containing no sugar or white flour and was given an anti-fungal drug, nystatin.The combination of one-third wheat to two-thirds white flour makes a light, crackly, and satisfying loaf.