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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwholemealwhole‧meal /ˈhəʊlmiːl $ ˈhoʊl-/ adjective British English  DFwholemeal flour or bread uses all of the grain, including the outer layer syn whole wheat American English
Examples from the Corpus
wholemealDinner or supper consists of three courses; soup, a savoury snack with wholemeal bread and a choice of flavoured desserts.I ate some fruit, followed by a tuna sandwich made with solid wholemeal bread and headed for Toby's house.All the slimmer has to do is to add a daily allocation of skimmed milk and a slice of wholemeal bread.In our tasting, we were especially disappointed with the sliced wholemeal breads, which had a generally poor, spongy texture.If wholemeal crust is available, try it.These days it isn't just those health-food cranks who are scurrying off to buy their brown wholemeal loaves.Magnus grew fat on brown wholemeal scraps and Gina gave up trying to keep him away.The village pub attached to the hotel has bar lunches of salmon pâté on wholemeal toast.