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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfullbackfull‧back /ˈfʊlbæk/ noun [countable]  DSFa player in a football team who plays in defence, stopping opponents from getting the ball syn defender
Examples from the Corpus
fullbackThree tries each, all but one by a fullback or wing.They thus activated fullback Jerone Davison and safety Lamar Lyons from the practice squad.Bangor led 1-0 with a ninth minute goal from Johnny Magee after fullback Mickey McKeown failed to clear.He made two appearances at fullback, once in the first quarter and again in the third quarter.The Mains-Kirton pairing may seem odd, for Mains played all his major rugby at fullback and Kirton as an inside back.Sophomore Marvin Powell will have a chance to get a head start at fullback over incoming freshman Ted Iacenda.He was kicked when he tackled fullback LaMonte Coleman, a member of the practice squad.