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headhead2 ●●● S2 W2 verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 go towards (also be headed) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]GO to go or travel towards a particular place, especially in a deliberate wayhead for/towards/back etc πŸ”Š The ship was heading for Cuba. πŸ”Š It’s about time we were heading home.head north/south etc πŸ”Š We headed south towards the capital. πŸ”Š Where are you guys headed?2 β†’ be heading3 be in charge (also head up) [transitive]IN CHARGE OF to be in charge of a team, government, organization etc πŸ”Š David was asked to head up the technical team. πŸ”Š an interim government headed by the former prime minister4 at top [transitive] a) FIRSTFRONTto be at the top of a list or group of people or things πŸ”Š The movie heads the list of Oscar nominations. b) be headedTOP if a page is headed with a particular name, title, image etc, it has it on the top πŸ”Š The page was headed β€˜Expenses’. πŸ”Š officially-headed writing paper5 at front [transitive]FRONT to be at the front of a line of people πŸ”Š a procession headed by the Queen6 football [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]DSF to hit the ball with your head, especially in football β†’ head offβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
headβ€’ They hear that there is a bull market to ride, and they do not care which direction the bull is headed.β€’ At one stage she had suggested that he leave for a vacation and she stayed being, heading a Regency Council.β€’ Levy headed an investigation into the fund mismanagement.β€’ It is headed by a managing director.β€’ The program is headed by an expert in teaching gifted and talented children.β€’ The march was headed by the Reverend Martin Luther King.β€’ Most single-parent families are headed by women.β€’ His teammates were long gone, headed home to celebrate the biggest victory of their pro careers.β€’ Jean and those guys, it seems like this organization is heading in the right direction.β€’ This helped them to gain height and get power when heading the ball.β€’ For Cranmer, who headed the party of Reform for the next twenty years, the task seemed hardly begun.β€’ The commission was headed up by Barry Kerr.β€’ Heading up the investigation into the crash is Officer Frank Foyle.head north/south etcβ€’ The houses begin to thicken as the highway heads south.β€’ The way moves cast, and then doubles back, labyrinth-like, to head north and up the stairs.β€’ Others retire and head south for the sun.β€’ Are the prices of homes in your area heading north or south in 1996?β€’ It swung north, then headed south, then back north, then east-east!-then back south.β€’ In it, a miner who has been made redundant heads south to Helsinki and falls in love.β€’ Our alternative is to head north, to the coast.