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kickkick2 ●●○ S3 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 KICKa movement of your foot or leg, usually to hit something with your foot πŸ”Š Brazil scored with the last kick of the match. πŸ”Š Rory aimed a kick at her leg and missed. πŸ”Š kung fu kicks πŸ”Š If the door won’t open, just give it a good kick.2 DSFDSOthe act of kicking the ball in a sports game such as football, or the ball that is kicked and the direction it goes in πŸ”Š Benjamin struck a post with an overhead kick.free/penalty kick (=an opportunity, allowed by the rules, for a player in one team to kick the ball without being stopped by the other team) πŸ”Š Pearce came forward to take the free kick.3 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingsomething that you enjoy because it is exciting syn thrillget a kick out of/from (doing) something πŸ”Š Gerald gets a kick out of dressing as a woman.give somebody a kick πŸ”Š It gives her a kick to get you into trouble.do something (just) for kicks πŸ”Š She used to steal from shops for kicks.4 β†’ a kick up the arse/backside/pants etc5 β†’ a kick in the teeth6 β†’ a kickCOLLOCATIONSverbsgive something a kickThe door was stuck; he gave it a kick.get a kickHe got a kick on the ankles from Anne.aim a kick at somebody/somethingLifting her foot, she aimed a kick at her brother.adjectivesa good kick (=a strong kick)The only way to make the drinks dispenser work is to give it a good kick.a hard kickA hard kick to the knee could cause a lot of damage.a high kick (=when someone raises their foot high into the air)The dance routine was full of high kicks.
Examples from the Corpus
kickβ€’ Andy Stevenson's powerful strike as half time approached was followed by an injury time free kick from Ian Helliwell.β€’ One karate kick can kill someone.β€’ So Muster gave it a swift karate kick.β€’ Newry clinched the points with almost the last kick of the game, Ralph scoring after sub Gary Hughes put him clear.β€’ As it is, a penalty kick at goal can take up to two minutes out of the match.β€’ It may be that Gary McAllister simply made a mess of his penalty kick.β€’ Bahr's kick went just to the left of the goal post.β€’ The length of time you hold it down determines the strength of the kick.β€’ And what a tremendous kick that was - straight into the goal from 200 yards.give ... a ... kickβ€’ The cyclist gave him a parting kick as he pedalled off.β€’ He gave a kick, and something skittered across the alley and bounced against the wall opposite.β€’ And her heart gave just a little kick of worry as she turned to Ted Morgan again.β€’ Pallister was responsible for one goal and Ince gave away the free kick for the other.β€’ Also, it gave her a kick to trail her coat.β€’ You put caffeine behind some other drug you've got inside you, and it gives that drug a kick.β€’ Marvin gave me a smart kick under the table, nearly breaking the skin on my shin.β€’ As he passed, Weasel gave the newspaper a kick with the toe of his Doc Martens.take ... kickβ€’ Coming through the door off - balance, taking the deflected kick - he'd absorbed that.β€’ Demmollari took the spot kick, Wright parried and substitute Tlis Shulkai headed over the rebound.β€’ Barnes put the Lions in front before Hastings took over the kicks after the interval.β€’ I gave you three minutes to be in the bathroom and you have taken four. Kick.β€’ Anthony should be higher cos he takes free kicks.β€’ I take a kick at him.β€’ Sutter took the kick himself and Adrian Knup rose unchallenged to head down and past the stranded Goram.β€’ Both of them took turns to kick him in the mouth and eyes.do something (just) for kicksβ€’ Kent blew up things just for kicks.