2 noun
kick2 [countable]
1 a movement of your foot or leg, usually to hit something with your foot:
Brazil scored with the last kick of the match.
Rory aimed a kick at her leg and missed.
kung fu kicks
If the door won't open just give it a good kick.
2DSF the act of kicking the ball in a sports game such as football, or the ball that is kicked and the direction it goes in:
Benjamin struck a post with an overhead kick.
free/penalty kick (=an opportunity, allowed by the rules, for a player in one team to kick the ball without being stopped by the other team)
Pearce came forward to take the free kick.
3 something that you enjoy because it is exciting [= thrill]
get a kick out of/from (doing) something
Gerald gets a kick out of dressing as a woman.
give somebody a kick
It gives her a kick to get you into trouble.
do something (just) for kicks
She used to steal from shops for kicks.

a kick up the arse/backside/pants etc

informal criticism or strong encouragement to make someone do something they should have done:
What Phil needs is a good kick up the arse.

a kick in the teeth

informal something that is very disappointing or upsetting that happens when you need support:
This broken promise is a real kick in the teeth for our fans.

a kick

informal used to talk about the strong effect of a drink or drug or the strong taste that some food has:
The wine had a real kick.

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