Date: 1500-1600
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: poenalitas, from Latin poenalis; PENAL


pen‧al‧ty S3 W3 plural penalties [countable]
1SCL a punishment for breaking a law, rule, or legal agreement:
No littering. Penalty $500.
Withdrawing the money early will result in a 10% penalty.
penalty for
The penalty for a first offense is a fine.
severe/stiff/heavy penalty
Drug dealers face severe penalties.
If he is convicted, he could receive the death penalty (=be killed as a punishment).
2 something bad that happens to you because of something you have done or because of the situation you are in
penalty of (doing) something
One of the penalties of being famous is the loss of privacy.
If you don't do the job right, you will pay the penalty.
3DS a disadvantage in sports given to a player or team for breaking a rule:
Woodson received a penalty.
4DSF a chance to kick the ball or hit the puck into the goal in a game of football, rugby, or ice hockey, given because the other team has broken a rule:
Townsend kicked a penalty (=in a rugby game) in the last minute.
Leeds were awarded a penalty.

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