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throw-inˈthrow-in noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š DSFan action in which someone throws the ball back onto the field in a game of football πŸ”Š Beckham will take the throw-in.
Examples from the Corpus
throw-inβ€’ The goal came off a throw-in from Joaquin Del Olmo to Blanco in the penalty box.β€’ And will tolerate such mistakes as the O'Driscoll try and the cup final throw-in.β€’ I would also like the team awarded a penalty and gaining ground to be given the line-out throw-in.β€’ Pearce, wanting to take a quick throw-in, grabbed the ball and pushed him on the cinder track surrounding the pitch.β€’ It would therefore appear that a quick throw-in is only allowed when a lineout has not been formed in law.β€’ After the throw-in the ball came out miraculously in Perdita's direction.β€’ By kicking deep, and applying follow-up pressure, the intention was to force the opposition to concede the throw-in.β€’ There was no way he was going to reach Cowdray nor his son's match for the throw-in.