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Topic: Forestry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforestryfor‧est‧ry /ˈfɒrəstri $ ˈfɔː-, ˈfɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  TAFthe science or skill of looking after large areas of trees
Examples from the Corpus
forestryThis is the kind of overly generalized, commercial forestry approach that drives Hub Vogelmann and his fellow ecologists nearly to distraction.This was made up of the organic residues of farms, forestry, industry and domestic refuse.That fundamental conflict between consumption and conservation has both sides of the molecular forestry debate waving environmental banners.We have five hundred acres of forestry here.Remote centres Located in highland glens; unsuited to large-scale growth; limited development related to recreation, agriculture or forestry.Much of it occurs as plantation forestry, the prime objective of which is to produce wood and wood products.There's a gateway over at that forestry plantation, and there was once a castle there.Bear left on the forestry track to the road below Pen Rhiw.