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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishafforestationaf‧for‧es‧ta‧tion /əˌfɒrəˈsteɪʃən $ əˌfɔː-, əˌfɑː-/ noun [uncountable] technical  TAFthe act of planting trees in order to make a forest opp deforestation
Examples from the Corpus
afforestationNo distinction is made between losses due to agriculture and afforestation.Both forest management and afforestation are responsible for direct and indirect environmental change.So on balance, it looks as though I will be doing the replanting and afforestation for Fairfax.Most have long since gone, leaving behind their legacy of sunless, blanket afforestation.Water yield as well as water quality is affected by afforestation and reforestation.Some of the changes are the result of afforestation and reservoir construction so that not every change is attributable to agricultural development.Will he tell us whether it is intended to give help for water projects, sanitation or afforestation?Not all silvicultural practices are as extreme and the character of the ground flora will also depend on the land-use prior to afforestation.