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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhardwoodhard‧wood /ˈhɑːdwʊd $ ˈhɑːrd-/ noun  [countable, uncountable]TAF strong heavy wood from trees such as oak, used for making furniture softwood
Examples from the Corpus
hardwoodI rang the bell and heard steps on a hardwood floor.The only character with more depth than a hardwood floor is Shorty, played by Fredro Starr of the rap group Onyx.It's an immense price to pay for hardwood doors, windows, coffins and plywood.Branches of timber merchants, such as W H Newson, stock a range of hardwood mouldings for you to put up yourself.And the, you know, the hardwood floor gets a paint job.You can see them on the hardwood ridges, but only if you sit down and wait patiently.Bamboo flooring is gaining popularity as an alternative to hardwood floors.Made from solid cedar wood with hardwood sills, the Colonial is double glazed with a polycarbonate roof.