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loglog2 ●●○ verb (logged, logging)  1 [transitive]RECORD to make an official record of events, facts etc All phone calls are logged.2 [transitive]TTA to travel a particular distance or for a particular length of time, especially in a plane or ship The pilot has logged 1,200 flying hours.3 [intransitive, transitive]TAF to cut down trees log in/on log off/out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
logKhader works full time now at nation-building, sometimes logging 16 hours of work in a day.All deliveries must be logged.When logged into his two-way communication system, you will be amazed at his love and understanding.But for some countries trade in the wood is of direct benefit to the local people who log it.At the time she was logged on at another computer in the station, working on an application form.As more people log on, they experience frustrating delays.By mid-July the INS had logged only 72 applications.The pilot had logged over 150 hours of flying time.Of these, logging poses by far the most serious threat.The system can log the date and length of calls made by company employees.Workers routinely logged twelve-hour days, and are doing so once again.