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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpinepine1 /paɪn/ ●●○ noun  1 needle_pine.jpg HBPTAF[countable, uncountable] (also pine tree) a tall tree with long hard sharp leaves that do not fall off in winter an ancient pine forest2 TIMHBA[uncountable] the pale wood of pine trees, used to make furniture, floors etc a pine table
Examples from the Corpus
pineI feed him, then leave him silent and contented on the branch of a pine by the cabin.I liked to linger in the shadow of a pine green corridor.a grove of pinesThe scent and hissing of pine needles make him believe he's in a hospital where nurses pass by him.The graceful brass plated trimmings and finials are complemented here by the solid pine Osborne surround.This block is dovetailed into the pine framing of the sides so it can be slipped off for disassembly.We nodded, opened the door and ran outside under the pine trees, eager to wallow in our laughter.Gourd artist Alice Hunter of Tavares will teach pine-needle weaving, demonstrating how to decorate rims of gourds with pine needles.The scientists injected the fungus into young pine trees, which were then placed in pots.