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antiqueantique2 ●○○ noun [countable]  antique_chair.jpg DHFOLD/NOT NEWa piece of furniture, jewellery etc that was made a very long time ago and is therefore valuable The palace is full of priceless antiques. They bought the clock at an antique shop in Bath. an antique dealer (=someone who buys and sells antiques)
Examples from the Corpus
antiquean antiques dealerWhile some of the people attending were looking to decorate their own houses, most appeared to be antique dealers.So many antiques that Architectural Digest magazine devoted a lengthy article to the subject in its November issue.The place was full of antiques, exhibited rather than used.Prices of antiques at auction now, however, are very high.Other exemptions -- such as for fine art or antiques -- can push that limit higher.Gasp, just north of Wilshire, offers imported furniture, plus antiques and home accessories.But for the museum-quality antiques, he is a Renaissance craftsman.Philpott understood the gesture and browsed through the antiques until the lone customer had left the shop.The house is full of valuable antiques.antique dealerChristoffers has cultivated a network among antiques dealers, collectors and museum staff who will allow her to copy their prize pieces.Last summer, a friend of mine, an antique dealer, had too much to drink.Rudy was a loud-mouthed, crude man in flashy clothes who said he was an antique dealer.It casts more doubt on Wallace's conviction in 1981 of the killing of his friend, antique dealer Jonathan Lewis.Jasper had told me he had a store on East Twelfth Street, as do many antique dealers.We can only stress that no reputable antiques dealer would ever conduct business on a doorstep.He had come to find out more about the antique dealer.