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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharmchairarm‧chair1 /ˈɑːmtʃeə, ˌɑːmˈtʃeə $ ˈɑːrmtʃer, ˌɑːrmˈtʃer/ ●●○ noun [countable]  armchair.jpg DHFa comfortable chair with sides that you can rest your arms on
Examples from the Corpus
armchairI heave an armchair into the kitchen, lay out some light reading, and prepare a flask of coffee.Antheil closed the door and sat in an armchair under the devil drawing.He selected an armchair to the left side of the desk.I found her in a large day-room where groups of elderly ladies sat in plastic-covered armchairs.Virtual reality will turn the weekly supermarket shop into a pleasure to be enjoyed from the comfort of the armchair.Yet it's James they have to thank every time they sink into their armchairs to listen to their favourite classics.Apart from the couch, there was a wooden armchair and a small drop-leaf table.