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backback3 ●●● S2 W3 verb  1 SUPPORTsupport [transitive]SUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLAN a) to support someone or something, especially by giving them money or using your influence The scheme has been backed by several major companies in the region. Some suspected that the rebellion was backed and financed by the US. government-backed loans b) (also back up) to support an idea by providing facts, proof etc His claims are not backed by any scientific evidence.see thesaurus at support Grammar Back is usually passive in this meaning.2 MOVE somebodymove backwards [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]BACK/BACKWARDS to move backwards, or make someone or something move backwardsback into/out of/away from etc She backed into a doorway to let the crowds pass by.back somebody into/towards/out of etc something He began to back her towards the open door.back something into/towards/out of etc something I backed the car into the garage.3 BACK SURFACEput something on the back [transitive]CSPUT to put a material or substance onto the back of something, in order to protect it or make it stronger The photograph is backed with cardboard. a plastic-backed shower curtain Grammar Back is usually passive in this meaning.4 BE BEHINDbe behind something [transitive]BACK OF something to be at the back of something or behind it The Jandia Peninsula is a stretch of white sands backed by a mountain range. Grammar Back is usually passive in this meaning.5 MUSICmusic [transitive]APM to play or sing the music that supports the main singer or musician They performed all their hits, backed by a 40-piece orchestra. Grammar Back is usually passive in this meaning. 6 HORSE/DOG RACErisk money [transitive]DGG to risk money on whether a particular horse, dog, team etc wins something7 back the wrong horse back away back down back off back onto something back out back up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
backWe backed a horse named Travelling Light that finished first at 10-1.Uncle Barry backed Arsenal to win the FA Cup.The stage was backed by a light blue curtain.There is no known cure but the illness can be treated - by medication backed by practical and caring support.The three tenors were backed by the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.The plans for a new shopping mall are backed by the city council.The crime bill is backed by the Democrats.In the end Krushchev backed down and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.Which team did you back for the Super Bowl?I wouldn't park there -- it's going to be very difficult to back out again.I backed the car into the garage and walked round to the front door of the boarding house.Several major insurance companies have agreed to back the healthcare reforms.Morris carefully backed the truck into the shed.back something into/towards/out of etc somethingA pickup truck backs slowly out of a space and taps the bumper of a nearby minivan.Angelita, announcing that she will be right back, walks out of the room.He backed slowly out of the room, which had become hers.She nods her head, steps back a step out of the way of him spreading toward her white shoes.Then, without waiting for yes, no, or another bout of silence, he backed quickly out of the library.They remained aloof from the front row out of disdain and from the back row out of a sense of responsibility.You can back yourself out of the room that way.