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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbedpostbed‧post /ˈbedpəʊst $ -poʊst/ noun [countable]  DHFone of the four main supports at the corners of an old-fashioned bed
Examples from the Corpus
bedpostOn her bedpost, it was said, she notched up a mark for every new lover.Then she'd become just another notch on his bedpost - another victory, albeit not won with quite his usual ease.Did she want to be just one more notch on Nathan Bryce's bedpost?Angrily, she thrust herself away from the bedpost and her hands began again their energetic dance on the brightening wood.Her eyes closed tight shut, and her forehead came to rest on the hands that gripped the bedpost.He had a hand on the bedpost.Hook this over the bedpost and pull to tighten.