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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchaise longuechaise longue /ˌʃeɪz ˈlɒŋ $ -ˈlɒːŋ/ noun (plural chaises longues (same pronunciation)) [countable]  1 DHFa long chair with an arm only at one end, on which you can sit and stretch out your legs 2 American EnglishDHF a long chair with a back that can be upright for sitting, or can lie flat for lying down
Examples from the Corpus
chaise longueThere were small couches, a chaise longue, and two overstuffed chairs.A woman, reclining on a green chaise longue, wears a rose peignoir, its ostrich collar languorously open.A new chaise longue and reclining chair have been added to the light shapely chairs already in production.I also had a plastic chaise longue between the door and the table.