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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoffee tableˈcoffee ˌtable noun [countable]  coffee_table.jpg DHFa low table on which you put cups, newspapers etc
Examples from the Corpus
coffee tableA three-piece suite and coffee table occupied the front half, a fitted kitchen and dinette the rear.Made from rattan, the range comprises a two-seater sofa, chair, footstool, coffee table, side table and planter.A ten-minute wait round a low coffee table bearing three London telephone directories and three copies of the Yellow Pages.Do we really want him on our couch with his feet up on our coffee table?He helps himself to a mint from a fancy glass bowl on the coffee table.The flick of the gold lighter kept on the coffee table was sharp as an electric shock in a room of steel.Her big-boned body felt clumsy and she placed the tray on the coffee table with a loud clatter.Alice put on her glasses and spread her books and notes over the coffee table.