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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommodecom‧mode /kəˈməʊd $ -ˈmoʊd/ noun [countable]  1 DHFTOILETa piece of furniture shaped like a chair that can be used as a toilet2 DHFan old-fashioned piece of furniture with drawers or shelves3 TOILET American English a word meaning ‘toilet’ used by people who do not like saying ‘toilet’
Examples from the Corpus
commodeSister Agnesey enquires if any progress has been made in acquiring commodes.There are five bathroom commodes for 400 girls.Attributed to Thomas Chippendale, commode, mahogany, 1766.The experience is sobering, a renewed effort has to be made to obtain commodes.Bedford sat down on the commode.Eline caught Joe around the waist and half-lifted, half-pulled him into place on the commode.