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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeckchairdeck‧chair /ˈdektʃeə $ -tʃer/ noun [countable] British English  deck_chair.jpg DHFa folding chair with a long seat made of cloth, used especially on the beach
Examples from the Corpus
deckchairI never heard a radio or saw a deckchair out in the garden.On this day, early in 1940, the hut was still there and a few deckchairs, but that was about all.Jimmy had been watching the race from his deckchair.This will flatten the stomach, not to mention all but the most robust of deckchairs.She could just see the mute grey head from the deckchair under the tree.There is a large terrace and a garden with deckchairs.The hotel also has a large garden with deckchairs, table tennis, a children's playground and sun terraces.